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Ashti City 2 have different type of Villas...


About Ashty City 2

Ashti city 2 (2010-2013) The project consists of 1100 residential units with various types of houses which was implemented during 2010-2013 with all facilities and services. Eskan company is one of the pioneering companies in property development and investment in Iraq. During the three years period of the company's lifetime we have delivered more than 2700 housing units up until 1/8/2013 and moving forward with delivering more units on monthly bases, which proves our company's credibility in supplying the housing units in a timely manner. We as Eskan have built a reputation for guaranteeing the quality of our products and now we develop our projects in all parts of Iraq, for example in Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaimaniah, Diwania and Faloja. .